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LAB Motion Systems offers a full range of accessories to complete our motion systems with all the accessories to turn the rotation or linear stage into a complete turn-key solution. A driver to control the motor or an air filter street to feed the air bearings, LAB Motion Systems shows the possibilities on this page.

Using high-level software to make your stages move? We got you.

Drivebox Motion Controller

Built around an ELMO chip inside, our drivebox offers serial, DIO, USB, Ethernet or EtherCAT interfaces to the master controller. You can program our drivebox with any programming language that can send messages over RS422, USB or Ethernet.

Elmo offers a full documentation package listing all the possible commands and prograing examples. The EAS II application studio software allows to monitor, analyze and adjust all important parameters.

When changing the load on a rotary stage and thus also the inertia, the behaviour of the stage can change. Changing the PID parameters will be needed to restore a smooth operation. This can be done in an automated way, allowing retuning in a matter of seconds. It is possible to save multiple setup files and depending on the load used on the stage one of the files is used by the drivebox!

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