About us

Masters in motion

LAB Motion Systems has 20 years of experience in development and production of high-performance motion systems. Our high-tech company specializes in the development of machines that require advanced motion performance. State-of-the-art motion control is realized for OEM integrations, special developments and research applications. LAB is your preferred partner from concept generation up to series production. No other company offers a broader knowledge of precision engineering in all its aspects. Mechatronics is the key driver in our activities: we offer cutting-edge bearing technology, high-performance direct drives, servo drivers, high-accuracy positioning feedback and integrated motion control.

We rely on an excellent team of PhD’s, development engineers and well-trained technicians. Continuous improvement and growth in the development of new products enables us to be the perfect partner in the field of high-precision applications. In order to respond adequately on increasing new demands, we can rely on unique, high-quality and robust air and mechanical bearings, cogging-free direct drives, state-of-the-art encoder technology and advanced motion control systems. As such, LAB can fulfil almost any precision-motion challenge!

“We rely on a well-mixed team of PhD’s, development engineers and experienced technicians.”

Wim Van de Vijver – CEO

Our approach

We go to extraordinary lengths to deliver tailored solutions that defy expectations. Starting with technical analyses and advice, to concept development up to well organized commissioning and after-sales services. Close collaboration with our clients is key, as we take pride in a personal and caring approach. This has led to several in-depth contacts and collaborations over the years. The whole team is closely involved from development to production and integration.

We integrate your LAB products and systems into your pre-existing setups and oversee the manufacturing of a controlled end product or handling of a service task. Training for operating staff is also available, eliminating mistakes and providing a safe working environment for you and your colleagues.


Close collaboration with our colleagues and clients is key, as we take pride in a personal and caring approach.

Client focus

We tailor our solutions to your desired requirements and company goals. Including technical, financial and commercial.


Performance is our driver. Our mantra is to deliver you the highest possible precision in motion technology on the market.

Take a leap forward.