Our solutions are built with the best care. They are tested before shipping, but something can go wrong. Here at support we can make all the difference for you. We assist you to help you solve the problem, or have it sent back to us for analysis or repair in our workshop.

Not every demand for support will need to go that far. On this site you can find tips and tricks and FAQs to help you solve common problems yourself.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my own controller?
Our stages are compatible with most commercially available controllers for controlling servo motors and linear motors. The encoder feedback is analog sincos or digital.
Can I control the stage using LABVIEW, C++ or DriveNET?

Yes, we will supply you with the full command list and give some example programs with the most common commands. APIs are available for C++ and DriveNET.
For all other languages the Drivebox can be controlled via serial commands sent over serial IO, USB or Ethernet.

Can I use the rotary stage in horizontal position or even upside down?
Yes, you can perfectly use the stage in any orientation. Contact your sales contact.
Do I need a special air supply?
The bearings need clean, dry and oil-free air at 5 bar. The filter preparation unit to clean the air is offered by LAB Motion Systems. We do not supply compressors ourselves but can recommend some brands and types.

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