Custom solutions

Are you looking for a custom motion system? Our team is specialized in realizing complete integrated systems for a variety of industries and clients.

Rotary Products

We build new custom rotary stages from scratch or we can modify an existing LAB Motion Systems product to get you up and running quickly and decrease your time to market. Our team is highly experienced in integrating stages into your current systems.

Linear Products

Linear motion products with ball or air bearing technology are built on demand. All linear solutions are custom and client specific and can benefit from LAB’s standard product line-up. Get in touch to tell us what your needs are, so we can offer you a tailored solution.

Motion Systems

Systems combine movement in multiple directions. Standardized LAB systems are ready to kick-start your next project. We can also develop a completely customized system, matching your specifications and ready to integrate in an existing setup.

Air bearing technology

Air bearings have been on the forefront of our activities since 2005. What has started as a spinoff of the university of Leuven, is now a leading tech company mastering every aspect of this high-precision motion technology. Our high-quality air bearings move your products on an thin layer of air. This, combined with our profound knowledge of motion control, allows for ultra-precise positioning with error motions down to and below 20 nanometer. It also entails frictionless movement, eliminating the wear and tear of parts and successfully reducing maintenance costs.

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Co-creating your ideas

We build custom solutions based on your desired specifications. After you get in touch with our team to discuss your project and to setup a design briefing, we start developing your custom system. We will involve you during the development process to continuously learn together, stimulating feedback and creating flexibility to cover current and future needs.

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Turnkey concepts

We focus on complete motion solutions that fully unburden our clients. We integrate the systems into your pre-existing setups and oversee the manufacturing of a controlled end product. All surrounding side processes will be handled: logistics, conveyor belts, robot (un)loading, stacking, …

Installation & support

Curious how we support a large install base of custom motion systems? We offer maintenance contracts so you don’t need to worry about yearly maintenance and spare parts. We also offer dedicated training sessions to instruct your team on carrying out maintenance tasks.

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