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Gantry Stages

When 2 motion axis are needed, perpendicular to each other, but completely independent of each other, then we can offer the perfect setup for you. This gantry stage will move a sample in X direction and a measurement probe over it in the Y direction.

Bridging between a standard product and a customized solution.

Product quality guaranteed

Building on the knowledge we acquired over the years, we launched a series of standard gantry stages that can be adapted to fit your needs fast. Our applications team is ready to assist you in defining the needed changes (if at all) and get to work on producing your gantry stage. It will come with a measurement report, so you can be sure it will perform correctly.

With these products we bridge the gap between a standard product and the fully customized solutions. Where a customized solution can quickly become more expensive and have a longer lead-time and a standard product might not answer all your need, the gantry stages from LAB Motion System offer you a standard system to start from. Certain changes can be accommodated fast and will not increase the price dramatically.

Training services

We help organize training for your production and maintenance staff. As we are the specialists for the stages, we can give the best insights to your worldwide team to enable them to get the unit back in production in no-time.

Service Team

When we ship your solution on time, our commitment doesn’t stop. We can support you and your customers with a maintenance contract. Guaranteed response times and advanced replacement services can be offered upon request.

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