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Slip Rings


Build and combine LAB stages.

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Key Features

LAB’s rotary stages can easily be integrated into multi-degree-of-freedom systems. Often, other motion stages are built on top of our rotary products. For example, combinations with XY-stages for alignment, gonio-stages or other rotary stages are among the possibilities. In these integrated setups, the air bearing and ball bearing stages require a slip ring to guide power and control signals to the rotating part of the stage. LAB offers several slip ring accessories that allow for integration of these stacked solutions while still maintaining the running accuracy of our rotary stages.

Our slip rings are delivered with an interface that exactly matches every specific rotary stage of LAB. This allows for fast and easy system integration. Standard electrical slip rings will serve as a pass through for power and electrical control signals. Up to 56 circuits are possible. Customized solutions exist for passing through fluids and gases. Contact us for more information.


Bearing type

air & ball bearing

Compatible products

RT-S series
RT-ST series
RT-SX series
RT-U series
RT-B series
RT-BT series
CT250B series

Electrical slip ring solutions

ESR-06 (6 circuits)
ESR-12 (12 circuits)
ESR-18 (18 circuits)
ESR-24 (24 circuits)
ESR-36 (36 circuits)
ESR-56 (56 circuits)
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Max. current

2A /lead

Max. voltage


Max. velocity

300 rpm and higher

Lead length

300 mm

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