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Drivebox 3.6


Versatile drive controller.

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Key Features

LAB Motion Systems’ Drivebox motion controller combines a versatile motor controller with numerous customizations for precise, safe and user-friendly control of both brushed and brushless motors. This product can readily be used with any LAB rotary or linear stage. It is highly configurable to suit a very wide range of applications, and supports communication standards such as EtherCAT/Ethernet, CAN, RS232 and USB. The Drivebox can be controlled by a master device, or operate in stand-alone mode by running a user program and a convenient set of on-board I/O’s. For an easy integration in a variety of systems and environments, the Drivebox is available in panel-mount versions and a rack-mount version.

Readily usable with LAB rotary or linear products

Highly configurable for a wide range of applications

Controllable by master device or operational in stand-alone mode


Compatible products

RTA-S series
RTA-X series
RTA-P series
RTA-U series
RTB-S series
RTB-P series



Supply voltages


Digital inputs (2)

PLC levels

Analog inputs (1)

differential +/-10V

Switch inputs (5)

Dry contact

Additional inputs (6)

Hall sensor
Analog encoder
Digital encoder
Motor temperature safety guard
2x Safe Torque Off (STO)

Digital outputs (4)

2x TTL
2x voltage selectable

Dimensions LxBxH

169 x 51,6 x 163 mm

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