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When it is your mission to offer machines for critical dimension control, it is important that the tolerances of your machine have as little influence as possible on the overall result. The motion systems LAB Motion Systems can offer you, help you achieve this goal. With error motion below 100 nm or even below 20 nm for our high precision series, you can count on us for your metrology needs.

Our rotation stages can be used to rotate the product and allow for a fast and very accurate measurement. The linear solutions we offer complete the motions required in other directions. LAB Motion Systems solutions will offer a reliable and trouble-free work environment for many years. All our systems are delivered with a measurement report: this report can be adapted to fit your needs, and you can be assured that the quality of the incoming goods is perfect.

LAB Motion Systems can offer standard products, or customized solutions.

In-house quality checks

Premium motion control

Multi-axis combinations

“Our metrology customers count on us to deliver the best quality, always.”

Koen Schoofs – Sales Manager

We’ve got you covered

Error motion

Every stage that leaves our facility had been tested by our experienced quality team. The measurement report is not a secret and it is shared with you. So you can rest at ease, the stages are conform to the requirements and will do their job effortlessly.

High quality ball bearing stages

Not using an air bearing give a worse error motion, but if error motion of 0.5µm is good enough, than our ball bearing stages are the way to go. There is no need for air, thus saving an extra euro on hardware and disposables (no compressor, no filters, …).

Experience you can count on

LAB Motion Systems provides products and solutions that enable you to achieve the highest measurement accuracy. That’s a promise. We are your preferred partner for all metrology related challenges.

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