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Frictionless motion on earth

For testing satellites and subsystems it might be needed to simulate movement through space. Our standard product gamma of air bearing rotary stages can create multiple axis gimbal setups. This results in your sample rotating freely in three dimensions. It allow you to test behavior and communications while the unit is in your lab but experiencing space like movements.

Frictionless movements

Very low but stable speeds

Up to 3-axis combined

“This is the closest we got to having our stages in orbit, by testing satellites pre-launch.”

Koen Schoofs – Sales Manager

We’ve got you covered


We want our relationship with you to be frictionless, but successful, although here we were thinking about how our air bearings are running: frictionless. Thus simulating the behavior of your satellites in space.

Standard & custom

Combining multiple standard stages into a custom setup? Integrating third-party hardware? LAB Motion Systems will do the work for you and deliver a turn-key motion system.

Engineering Team

Our design team is experienced in building customized motion systems for aviation and aerospace. Show us your specifications and together we will turn them into the best motion system possible.

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