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For many years LAB Motion Systems has been a reliable partner for multiple automotive applications. Rotating engine parts for final quality control or testing gyroscopes for GPS systems, are all applications LAB Motion Systems can support you with. Contact us and tell us about your motion challenges!

Nanometer precision

Premium motion control

Multi-axis combinations

“We have been building an impressive portfolio of automotive applications.”

Koen Schoofs – Sales Manager

We’ve got you covered

Delivery dates

Timing is key in the automotive industry. LAB Motion Systems will work with you to meet deadlines and allow for a timely and smooth start-up of the production line.

Standard & custom

Combining multiple standard stages into a custom setup? Integrating third-party hardware? LAB Motion Systems will do the work for you and deliver a turn-key motion system.

High quality ball bearing stages

Not using an air bearing give a worse error motion, but if error motion of 0.5µm is good enough, than our ball bearing stages are the way to go. There is no need for air, thus saving an extra euro on hardware and disposables (no compressor, no filters, …).

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