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XY Stages

Our XY stages are ideally suited to mount on our rotary stages. They are used in various industries and applications. We offer slip ring solutions and a wide variety of drivers and controllers to help you get moving in no time.

Sub-micron positioning and micrometer level straightness.

Highest accuracy and repeatability

Stepper or DC motors with precision ground ball screws are used to achieve best in class accuracy and repeatability. The preloaded ball screw ensures zero backlash and the cross rollers are of a premium brand.

The XY stages are ideally suited to mount on LAB Motion Systems rotary stages. We offer a range of off-the-shelf slip rings to pass all electrical signals through the rotary table. This enables full continuous rotation of the rotary stage and the XY stage. Some spare wires can be foreseen for customer use to power a sample or connect to sensors. We also offer a wide variety of drivers and controllers to help you get moving in no time.

Optionally a high resolution linear incremental encoder can be installed. This will further improve the accuracy and repeatability of movement and the stability over a range of operating conditions. The minimum resolution that can be achieved is 50 nm. The signal can be sin cos or digital, both options are available. An absolute encoder further decreases the startup time: the time consuming homing operation is no longer needed. Contact us for all information about these stages and options.

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