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We serve markets that require a high level of precision and quality. Leveraging our knowledge of multiple industries to deliver the best results for our customers.
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Our client base is always on the lookout for opportunities to optimize their existing processes. They stay on the forefront of high-end manufacturing and research with a mission to efficiently deliver products and services that meet the highest quality requirements. With our production facility in Belgium we support customers all over the world and guarantee their global productivity with reliable high-precision products and systems.

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You demand the best. We give you the best. Our superior air bearing technology ensures us to deliver motion systems with the lowest error motions on the market. We also work closely alongside our clients to accelerate their business through continued research in motion technology. Always aiming to improve ‘time to market’ while maintaining repeatable high-quality output. Our thorough quality control in every development step eliminates design flaws early, avoiding product returns and lowering waste.

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