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Air Bearing Rotary Stage

Best of all worlds.

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Key Features

The RT150AX is our medium sized stage with many options. This version is optimized to have a lower high frequency content in the error motion. To further optimize specs it also has a low damping motor that support speeds up to 800rpm. It is small enough to be easily integrated in most systems, but can still rotate up to 43 kg at the highest precision. It combines excellent load carrying capacity with low error motion performance. The low height and large through hole make this rotary stage an all-round solution for all measuring and inspection tasks. This all-rounder is your best choice as a versatile and top-class motorized air bearing stage.

Error Motion

< 100 nm
Max. Speed

725 RPM
Max. Load

434 N
Industrial CT


Bearing type

air bearing

Max. speed

725 RPM

Max. axial load

434 N

Max. radial load

226 N

Radial error motion

< 100 nm

Axial error motion

< 50 nm

Min. resolution

Angular accuracy

± 6,9 arcsec


Nominal torque

0,45 Nm

Peak torque

1,35 Nm

Total mass

4 kg

radial error motion (typical value): LSC Δr = 69,3 nm
filter: 360 UPR, 5 revolution (10 rpm)
Max. working load vs. eccentricity

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