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Air Bearing Rotary Stage

Great things come in small packages.

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Key Features

The RT75AS is the smallest rotary stage in the RTA series, making it ideally suited for precise handling of small objects. Its small size and low mass allow for an easy integration in multi-axes systems. It is compatible with many Z-stages and can be equipped with a slipring to enable mounting of an XY linear stage on top of the rotary stage.

Error Motion

< 150 nm
Max. Speed

300 RPM
Max. Load

137 N
Industrial CT


Bearing type

air bearing

Max. speed

300 RPM

Max. axial load

137 N

Max. radial load

40 N

Radial error motion

< 150 nm

Axial error motion

< 50 nm

Min. resolution

Angular accuracy

13,8 arcsec


Nominal torque

0,04 Nm

Peak torque

0,13 Nm

Total mass

0,6 kg

radial error motion (typical value): LSC Δr = 78,6 nm
filter: 360 UPR, 1 revolution (9,6 rpm)
Max. working load vs. eccentricity

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