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Air Bearing Rotary Stage

Now we are talking loads.

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Key Features

Rotating larger loads with some eccentricity while still meeting great performance? Our RT250AS can do. This rotary stage matches the most stringent requirements with respect to radial and axial error motion, with an excellent tilt stiffness. This product excels by being one of the best stages in terms of load carrying capacity and stiffness for its footprint.

Error Motion

< 100 nm
Max. Speed

100 RPM
Max. Load

804 N


Bearing type

air bearing

Max. speed

90 RPM

Max. axial load

804 N

Max. radial load

452 N

Radial error motion

< 100 nm

Axial error motion

< 50 nm

Min. resolution

Angular accuracy

± 4,0 arcsec


Nominal torque

1,5 Nm

Peak torque

4,5 Nm

Total mass

16,5 kg

radial error motion (typical value): LSC Δr = 36,6 nm
filter: 360 UPR, 1 revolution (9,6 rpm)
Max. working load vs. eccentricity

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