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Gantry Stage

Built for optical inspection tasks.

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Key Features

This double axis motion stage consists of two air bearing axis. The bottom one uses a solid granite base with a moving granite platform on top. On the gantry the second axis has a moving steel platform running over a granite bridge. A sub-micron flatness is achieved making this system ideally suited for inspection machines with the highest demands in precision motion and positioning. Our team created a modular system, so please get in touch if you have a special request for a gantry system.

Load capacity up to 150 kg

Stroke 310 x 310 mm

Precision air bearing for ultra-smooth motion

Extreme low sub-micron flatness error



310 x 310 mm

Size moving platform X

600 x 600 mm

Outer dimensions LxWxH

1200 x 1070 x 890 mm

Total mass

1300 kg

Load capacity X

150 kg

Load capacity Y

15 kg


300 mm/s


0,3 m/s²

Encoder resolution

20 nm


0,1 µm


< 1 µm

Flatness X , Y

1 µm

XY combined flatness over 300 x 300 mm area

< 1 µm

XY orthogonality

10 µrad


± 5 µrad


± 5 µrad


± 5 µrad

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