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Z Stages

A series of vertical Z-axis stages equipped with a motor, allowing for precise, smooth and stable height adjustments. Multiple versions are available with a variety of strokes and motor types. These Z-stages are compatible with LAB’s rotary and XY-stages.

Introducing a new range of vertical stages or Z-stages.

Vertical stages with a variety of strokes and motor types

We used to only deliver Z-stages in custom client projects. Now they are included in our standard products family. The Z-stages are fully compatible with our rotary and XY-stages. They can be used in applications where rotary and linear axes are moving synchronized (helical scanning). To help the controller with accurate positioning, we can install a linear incremental or absolute encoder. For less accurate systems you can use the rotary encoder on a stepper motor.

Motor options

Stepper, DC or direct drive linear motor options are available to automate the movement. The brushless DC (BLDC) motor option is the workhorse that combines stability with dynamics and the highest load capacity. It is ideally suited for demanding applications. The stage with stepper motor option excels in position stability. The last option with the linear motor and frictionless mass balanced piston results in the highest dynamics.

Mass compensation

A frictionless mass compensation option allows you to achieve the highest accuracy with best in class dynamics. Contact us for more information on these stages and options.

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