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Planar Stage

High dynamics and modular design.

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Key Features

The PL100 planar stage has two axes that are both floating over the same base granite. Therefore the top axis air bearing is not floating over the lower axis, as it would be in a stacked setup, but directly over the base granite. Both axes can move independently from each other and that there is no mechanical coupling between both axes. Major benefit is that the stiffness doubles and precision increases. The XY motion platform moves at high speeds and floats only microns above the precision granite base. With or without load it offers a dynamic, smooth and repeatable movement.

Stroke 100 x 100 mm

High dynamic planar air bearing with sub-micron precision

Granite gantry for highest precision

Absolute linear encoders



100 x 100 mm

Outer dimensions moving platform

250 x 250 mm

Load capacity

30 kg


1 m/s


10 m/s²

Encoder resolution

1 nm


0,1 µm

Accuracy X

± 0,3 µm

Accuracy Y

± 0,3 µm


± 0,3 µm

XY combined flatness over 300 x 300 mm area

± 1 µm

Straightness X , Y

± 0,3 µm

XY orthogonality

10 µrad


± 3 µrad


± 3 µrad


± 3 µrad

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