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    - 9 Axis Motion System

    9 axis motion system overview


    Travel1000 x 500 mm x mm
    Min. incr. motion0,1 µm
    Hor. straightness± 0,5 µm
    Vert. straightness± 0,5 µm
    Pitch± 2 µrad
    Roll± 2 µrad
    Yaw± 2 µrad
    Travel800 mm
    Min. incr. motion0,1 µm
    Pitch25 µrad

    9 Axis Motion System

    This system is developed for advanced measuring tasks. It is a nice example of combining standard LAB products with customized designs.

    Air bearing axis and a rotary stage are combined to realize object manipulation in the µm-range over a volume of 2,0 x 1,0 x 0,8 m.

    A customized XY-stage combines air bearings with a vacuum or preload realizing a large XY-stroke and very precise and straight motion. Inside this XY-stage, a standard LAB RT250S air bearing stage is integrated. On top of this stage, the LAB CT250B cross table is mounted with a standard slip ring assembly.

    To realize a large and precise vertical travel, we developed a custom air bearing Z-stage. In combination with a precision air bearing design, a special preload system and a weight compensation system, very accurate vertical motion is realized.

    A control cabinet that steers every motion axis and takes care of all synchronization allows easy integration into your specific application. Less critical motions make use of ball bearings.

    System Features

    RT250S rotary stage

    CT250B cross table

    Custom XY-stage

    Custom z-stage

    Drivebox control cabinet

    Other Systems

    • XY-stage
    • Travel
    • Min. incr. motion
    • Hor. straightness
    • Vert. straightness
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    • 0,1 µm
    • ± 0,4 µm
    • ± 0,4 µm