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New Ball Bearing Rotary Stage

Welcoming the RT100B in our portfolio of ball bearing rotary stages!

This new addition to our product line-up expands the offering of high-precision ball bearing solutions. If you are familiar with LAB, you know we always go the extra mile in terms of compactness and light weights. We have continued this trend in the design and production of the new RT100B rotary stage.

This ball bearing rotary stage has the exact same footprint as its air bearing counterpart (RT100S), excelling in superior error motion performance, high stiffness and high load-carrying capacity. Additional elements of excellence can be found in the aluminum body, steel shaft and customizable top plate. We are very proud to announce this new member in our ever-growing family of high-precision rotary stages!

Please contact our Sales Team to provide you with additional information or a customized offer, and check out the RT100B product page on our website.

Learn more about the RT100B and its specifications!

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