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About the Company

team foto of LAB Motion Systems ate Control trade fair 2017

More than 10 years of experience in development and production of high-performance motion systems.

LAB Motion Systems is a high-tech company specialized in the development of machines that require advanced motion performance. State-of-the-art motion control is realized for OEM integrations, special developments and research applications. LAB is your preferred partner from concept generation up to series production. No other company offers a broader knowledge of precision engineering in all its aspects. Mechatronics is the key driver in our activities: we offer cutting-edge bearing technology, high-performance direct drives, servo drivers, high-accuracy positioning feedback and integrated motion control.

We rely on an excellent team of PhD’s, development engineers and well-trained technicians. Continuous improvement and growth in the development of new products enables us to be the perfect partner in the field of high-precision applications. In order to respond adequately on increasing new demands, we can rely on unique, high-quality and robust air and mechanical bearings, cogging-free direct drives, state-of-the-art encoder technology and advanced motion control systems. As such, LAB can fulfill almost any precision-motion challenge!

Our products and systems are based on the profound knowledge and careful selection and application of a wealth of aspects and technologies:

  • High-precision air bearings
  • Precision ball bearings
  • Specially developed ironless direct drives to minimize disturbance forces and realize an optimal performance
  • Motion systems with inhouse developed servo driver or to be combined with your own drivers
  • High precision with maximum work load
  • Profound mechatronic knowledge
  • Controller integration and optimization
  • Complete service: from idea to series product!
  • Calibration and measurement reports
  • ISO9001 certified design- and production process

Operational groups

LAB has three distinct operational groups. Synergy is key and each individual group exhibits world-class engineering skills in order to reach the ultimate performance.

rotary stage air bearing testing


LAB offers a well-balanced and carefully developed selection of standard high-performant rotary and linear stages. We offer off-the-shelf products but also have an extensive experience in developing series of customized products for OEM-applications. Our products provide complete rotary and linear solutions for your application. Also sample and prototype development in close collaboration with our customers is performed in an inimitable way.

rotary stage system integration for positioning tasks


We have the know-how and experience to realize complete integrated systems for high-performance motion. LAB offers a complete service: from initial study and concepts to system design, optimization, manufacturing and assembly up to motion control and calibration. From single axis up to complex, multi-axis and synchronized motion solutions, LAB’s Systems Group is the preferred partner for all your demands in the world of high-precision motion.

custom ball bearing rotary stage

Custom Developments

The Custom Developments group is the backbone of our company. They conceive, develop and test future products and custom developments for our customers. Our R&D team continuously works on the development and improvement of new production methods and new motor and bearing technology in order to supply you with the best available products and solutions!