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Gantry Stage

Gantry Stages

Built for optical inspection tasks.

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Key Features

When 2 motion axis are needed, perpendicular to each other, but completely independent of each other, then we can offer the perfect setup for you. This gantry stage will move a sample in X direction and a measurement probe over it in the Y direction.

With these products we bridge the gap between a standard product and the fully customized solutions. Where a customized solution can quickly become more expensive and have a longer lead-time and a standard product might not answer all your need, the gantry stages from LAB Motion System offer you a standard system to start from. Certain changes can be accommodated fast and will not increase the price dramatically.

Adapted to fit your needs fast

Measurement report included



610 mm x 610 mm


1 µm


100 nm


20 nm


300 mm/sec

Load capacity

50 kg

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