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Products - Rotary Stage RT100S

rotary stage rt100s product render by lab motion systems


Max. axial load206 N
Max. radial load78 N
Axial stiffness103 N/μm
Radial stiffness39 N/μm
Tilt stiffness90 Nm/mrad
Radial error motion< 100 nm LSC
Axial error motion< 50 nm LSC
Air consumption< 8 Nl/min
Total mass1,6 kg
Encoder15744 periods
Nominal torque0,13 Nm
Peak torque0,4 Nm
Max. speed200-1200 rpm
Angular accuracy10,3 arcsec
Materialcoated aluminium


Compact Air Bearing Rotary Stage

A versatile high-precision air bearing rotary stage, perfectly employable in small measuring devices and as final Ɵ-axis on a multi-axis system. The lightweight and compact build serves as the ideal choice for high-dynamic and accurate positioning tasks in various applications. LAB’s RT100S: the embodiment of the highest precision in a small package!

RT-S Series

LAB’s RT-S series is your go-to choice when looking for rotary air bearing stages with superior error motion performance, high stiffness and high load-carrying capacity! The low-profile design of the RT-S series houses a top-class air bearing, motor and encoder which enable excellent angular positioning and velocity stability. A large through hole facilitates slip ring integration, optical or other feedthrough for specific applications such as x-ray and optical inspection.

Motion Control

This rotary stage can be supplied with motion driver and software. The software offers an easily programmable positioning loop, automatic homing procedure and communication with your machine interface. An emergency procedure to generate a safe stop when pressure supply fails is integrated. Additionally, a graphical user interface decreases the setup-time to a minimum.

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