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Products - Rotary Stage RT100B


Max. axial load300 N
Max. radial load500 N
Axial stiffness100 N/µm
Radial stiffness200 N/μm
Radial error motion< 1 μm
Axial error motion< 1 μm
Encoder15744 periods
Nominal torque0,3 Nm
Peak torque0,6 Nm
Max. speed200 rpm
Angular accuracy10,3 arcsec
Materialcoated aluminium


Ball Bearing Rotary Stage

A new addition to our product line-up expands the offering of high-precision ball bearing solutions. If you are familiar with LAB, you know we always go the extra mile in terms of compactness and light weights. We have continued this trend in the design and production of the new RT100B rotary stage.

This ball bearing rotary stage has the exact same footprint as its air bearing counterpart (RT100S), excelling in superior error motion performance, high stiffness and high load-carrying capacity. Additional elements of excellence can be found in the aluminum body, steel shaft and customizable top plate. We are very proud to announce this new member in our ever-growing family of high-precision rotary stages!

RT-B Series

The RT-B series is the optimal solution when you are looking for a robust rotary stage, without the need for a conditioned air supply! These ball bearing stages combine a high load-carrying capacity with a compact design. They provide you with a dynamic, disturbance-free drive, ready to serve any application! High-quality ball bearings ensure that the radial and axial error motions remain below 2 µm. Furthermore, LAB’s RT-B series is easily integrated in any system or setup and can be equipped with MK2 conical mounts upon request.

Motion Control

This rotary stage can be supplied with motion driver and software. The software offers an easily programmable positioning loop, automatic homing procedure and communication with your machine interface. An emergency procedure to generate a safe stop when pressure supply fails is integrated. Additionally, a graphical user interface decreases the setup-time to a minimum.

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