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Products - Rotary Spindle RS140S

rotary spindle rs140s product render by lab motion systems


Max. axial load436 N
Max. radial load526 N
Axial stiffness218 N/µm
Radial stiffness263 N/µm
Tilt stiffness603 Nm/mrad
Radial error motion< 100 nm LSC
Axial error motion< 50 nm LSC
Air consumption< 15 Nl/min
Total mass9,0 kg
Encoder12000 periods
Nominal torque1,35 Nm
Peak torque4,05 Nm
Max. speed800 rpm
Angular accuracy4,0 arcsec
Materialcoated aluminium


High-performance Rotary Spindle

Rotary spindles are designed to deliver an excellent tilt stiffness for demanding load applications. With the specially developed ironless direct drives, a very accurate and highly dynamic rotary spindle is realized. Our air bearing technology combines maximum precision with a high workload and a zero-friction movement.

Our rotary spindles are built with industry-leading air bearings and ball bearings, unique motor technology and high-performance encoder systems.

The perfect solution for:

  • Tool spindles
  • Roundness measurement systems
  • Ultra-precision manufacturing
  • Semiconductor industry

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