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Products - Linear Stages

linear air bearing stage product render by lab motion systems


Travel100-1500 mm
Load capacity> 65 kg
Moving mass10 kg
Stage mass50-175 kg
Accuracy0,3-1 μm
Repeatability0,1-0,4 μm
Flatness0,2-5 μm
Pitch4-39 μrad
Roll4-39 μrad
Yaw4-39 μrad

Linear Stages

Linear Air Bearing Stage

The standard linear products line includes a wide range of high-precision linear stages for various applications. An optimized air bearing design ensures an optimal stiffness, damping, workload and running precision. Ironless linear drives and high-accuracy optical linear encoders lead to an unrivalled precision.

The perfect solution for

  • High-performance scanning
  • Optical inspection systems
  • Ultra-precision grinding and milling
  • Photovoltaic systems
  • Medical systems
  • X-ray
  • Laser processing
  • Semiconductor industry
  • Wafer handling

High Performance Air Bearings

The Linear Products of LAB are equipped with specially designed air bearings optimized for stiffness and load capacity. By using granite running surfaces, a very accurate motion is reached, which leads to an unprecedented pitch, roll, yaw, straightness and flatness specification.

No Maintenance, No Lubrication

Since all motion is contactless, the performance level of the LS-products remains constant and no maintenance is required. As only dry and clean air is needed for the motion, the linear stages are ideal for clean rooms and medical environments.

Cogging-Free Direct Drive

LAB has integrated an ironless direct drive in its linear stages. Due to the absence of any cogging force or attractive forces, a very smooth motion and precision is possible. The direct drives can be optimized for power and force according to the application.

Custom Design and Engineering Support

LAB offers a range of standard products, but other dimensions or other applications are possible. LAB can flexibly design XY-stages, gantries, Z-stages or combinations thereof. Feel free to contact us for customized solutions!

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Other Linear Solutions

  • Travel
  • Load capacity
  • Moving mass
  • Stage mass
  • Accuracy
  • 50 kg
  • 60 mm
  • 41 mm
  • 0,1 µm
  • 5,8 kg
  • 50 kg
  • 60 mm
  • 43 mm
  • 0,1 µm
  • 5,8 kg