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    - 4 Axis Motion System

    4 axis motion ct system overview


    Travel1000 mm
    Min. incr. motion0,1 µm
    Hor. straightness± 0,4 µm
    Vert. straightness± 0,4 µm
    Pitch± 2 µrad
    Roll± 2 µrad
    Yaw± 3 µrad
    Travel300 mm
    Min. incr. motion0,1 µm
    Hor. straightness± 0,2 µm
    Vert. straightness± 1,0 µm
    Pitch± 7 µrad
    Roll± 2 µrad

    4 Axis Motion System

    This 4-axis system is a combination of standard products, customized products and a custom developed air bearing vertical stage.

    This custom developed XXZƟ-motion system is 2,4 meters long and contains two horizontal air bearing stages with a travel of 1 meter each. They run on the same granite base, guaranteeing a perfect alignment. On one horizontal air bearing stage, a vertical air bearing stage is built that holds a standard LAB RT150S air bearing rotary stage. All axes can be driven and synchronized with LAB’s motion controllers or with commercially available controllers.

    System Features

    RT150S rotary stage

    Custom z-stage

    Custom z-stage

    Other Systems

    • X-stage
    • Travel
    • Min. incr. motion
    • Hor. straightness
    • Vert. straightness
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    • 1000 x 500 mm x mm
    • 0,1 µm
    • ± 0,5 µm
    • ± 0,5 µm