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LAB Motion Systems offers a wide variety of air bearing rotary stages and linear stages, ready to cover any application!

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Rotary Stage RT150S integrated in multi-axis system

Rotary Solutions

Best-in-class rotary stages with unique motor technology and high-performance encoder systems.

close-up of linear air bearing stage

Linear Solutions

A series of high-precision linear motion systems with a multitude of customisation options.

drivebox motion controllers in a rack close-up

Motion Control

We provide a versatile drive controller, readily usable with any standard LAB rotary or linear stage.

Need help finding the right Product?

Our Standard Product Series includes products for a wide range of applications, all of them equipped with high-precision bearings (air bearings as well as ball bearings), direct drive motors and high-accuracy metrology for feedback control. Our selection of products spans a wide range in both precision and size. Precision ranges from micrometer level down to the nanometer level, while system sizes vary from 100 mm up to 500 mm.

Our products cover a wide variety of applications, including: computer tomography, x-ray, ultra-precision machining, laser machining, optical inspection, semiconductor applications, test systems for the medical industry, motion axes for dimensional measurement systems, automotive test systems and dedicated research equipment. Products manufactured by LAB Motion Systems are easily installed and can be precisely controlled by our standard ‘Drivebox’ drive controller or the client’s preferred controller. Communication with your system is made easy with Ethercat, Ethernet, RS232, USB or CAN.

LAB products serve several industries and applications:

  • computer tomography
  • x-ray
  • ultra-precision machining
  • laser machining
  • optical inspection
  • semiconductor applications
  • test systems for the medical industry
  • motion axes for dimensional measurement systems
  • automotive test systems
  • dedicated research equipment


Cross Table Closed Frame CT250B

Closed frame cross tables are custom developed to allow easy assembly on our standard rotary stages. Integrated slip ring assemblies are also available to make system integration a turnkey effort. With the low profile, a long travel and sub-micron position resolution, these stages are a must-have on many of our rotary stages.


Cross Table Open Frame CT250B

Open frame stages are ideal when a large aperture is needed. Our stages combine this with a large travel and a low profile. Sub-micron positioning resolutions, µm-level straightness and flatness are features that make these stages allrounders for many applications


Drivebox Motion Controller

The Drivebox motion controller combines a versatile motor controller with numerous customizations for precise, safe and user-friendly control of both brushed and brushless motors.


Linear Stages

The standard linear products line includes a wide range of high-precision linear stages for various applications. An optimized air bearing design ensures an optimal stiffness, damping, workload and running precision. Ironless linear drives and high-accuracy optical linear encoders lead to an unrivalled precision.


Rotary Stage RT075S

The most compact member of LAB’s RT-S series. The RT075S delivers all the precision and agility you’ve come to know from LAB, and captures this technology in a highly miniaturized design. In true spirit of its compact predecessor (RT100S) this new rotary stage is even lighter and more compact, but still has the same qualitative advantages as its bigger brother.


Rotary Stage RT100B

The RT100B ball bearing rotary stage has the exact same footprint as its air bearing counterpart (RT100S), excelling in superior error motion performance, high stiffness and high load-carrying capacity. Additional elements of excellence can be found in the aluminum body, steel shaft and customizable top plate.


Rotary Stage RT100S

A versatile high-precision air bearing rotary stage, perfectly employable in small measuring devices and as final Ɵ-axis on a multi-axis system. The lightweight and compact build serves as the ideal choice for high-dynamic and accurate positioning tasks in various applications. LAB’s RT100S: the embodiment of the highest precision in a small package!


Rotary Stage RT150B

The ball-bearing stage RT150B features a design for your precision rotary needs, with radial and axial error motions below 1 µm. It provides the optimal solution in case you are looking for a rotary stage with high load-carrying capacity in a compact design, without the need for a conditioned air supply. LAB’s RT150B serves as an ideal partner for your entry-level metrology applications where sub-micron accuracy is required.


Rotary Stage RT150S

This mid-range rotary stage combines excellent load carrying capacity with low error motion performance. The low height and large through hole make this rotary stage an all-round solution for all measuring and inspection tasks. This allrounder is your best choice as a versatile and top-class motorized air bearing stage.


Rotary Stage RT150U

This best-in-class, ultra-precision rotary stage excels in its ultra-low error motion (below 20 nm) and world-class motion performance. An uncompromised design fuses into an unrivalled precision and accuracy for this masterpiece of engineering. For ultimate performance, don’t look any further and select LAB’s RT150U.


Rotary Stage RT250S

For higher loads up to 80 kg, the RT250S completes the LAB RT-S series. This rotary stage matches the most stringent requirements with respect to radial and axial error motion, with an excellent tilt stiffness. This product excels by being one of the best stages in terms of load carrying capacity and stiffness for its footprint.


Rotary Stage RT500S

This robust heavy-duty rotary stage distinguishes itself from the competition by its direct drive integration, unseen in this class of size, and by its exceptionally low error motion. A high-resolution encoder system enables for an ultimately stable positioning and velocity tracking. Imagine a stage that takes the weight of a city car, and rotates this payload with an error motion below a thousandth of a human hair!